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New ATV Safari

a group of people on a grass field posing for the camera

Our newest offering is the guided all terrain vehicle (ATV) safari!

Groups of up to 5 guests over 16 years of age will be able to join an ATV Safari led by an experienced naturalist guide through our 260 acre ranch.

The ATVs are brand new olive colored Honda units powered by a quiet and fuel efficient 4 cycle engine, speed limited to under 15 mph. This allows us to comply with international safety specifications and to allow game viewing without alarming our animals.

On Safari you will get a sense of freedom and exhilaration while viewing hundreds animals in natural herd configurations on vast landscapes. The tours are $239 per person, which includes approximately 1 hour on the ATVs and an introductory walking tour of the animals and a finale that includes private feeding of Eland or waterbuck herd for your group from a customized safari vehicle.

Price: $239