Memories that last a lifetime.

Have you ever encountered a herd of Red Lechwe running through sparkling water in the sun? How soft is an Eland’s nose? Have you caught the sweet scent of a Zebra’s breath?

These are memories that last a lifetime.

A rare and unique experience, Safari Wilderness Ranch is a world away from the hustle and bustle of civilization. Here you feel the silence, enveloped by an open vista of grazing animals surrounded by cypress domes and bay trees.

Enjoy the fresh breath of safari air year-round as enormous birds soar overhead and the stage is set.

Safari Wilderness Ranch is not a zoo or theme park. There are no crowds and no lines. Here you will enjoy a natural adventure. Our knowledgeable and experienced driver guides will tour you through large herds of exotic game over 260 acres of pristine wilderness in customized safari vehicles, fitted with shade canopies and stadium seating.

If you prefer a more adventurous mode of transport, you can view our wild game with a guide by camelback, ATV, or kayak. You can also indulge your senses in an exclusive encounter with our polite prosimians, ring-tailed lemurs. These natives of Madagascar are primates and like us have tactile pads and fingernails. Their gentle touch is similar to that of a human baby. A few lucky individuals per day accompany our professional animal caretakers in their daily feeding. This experience is unforgettable!

Safari Wilderness Ranch is conveniently located six miles north of I-4 between Orlando and Tampa, surrounded by Florida’s Green Swamp, in an expansive and exclusive wilderness area. We are a family-owned, licensed working game ranch. We specialize in wetland exotic species, African Watusi, and Irish Dexter cattle (heritage breeds).

Our dramatic landscape is surrounded by an 870 square mile pristine watershed (The Green Swamp) that is the source of four of Florida’s finest rivers. Our visitors are strictly limited in number, reflecting the sensitivity of our area. Now you can join us on an exclusive, fun and educational journey where you will learn about Florida’s natural and human history, our conservation programs, and encounter amazing animals that are endangered or extinct in the wild.

Safari Wilderness Ranch is a Florida agritourism project licensed by the USDA.