Guinea Pig Feeding

Guinea Pig Feeding

Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) are native to the Andes and have been used as a food source by local people for thousands of years. They are even depicted in pre-Columbian art from the region.

Contrary to their name, guinea pigs are not in the pig family, and they are not from Guinea! They are precocial rodents; their young being born “ready to run” with their eyes fully open. Other rodents at Safari Wilderness Ranch include African crested porcupine, Patagonian cavy, and capybara, the largest of all rodent species.

Guinea pigs naturally live in colonies, which are fascinating to experience—the whole colony greets you with excited whistling in anticipation of being fed. Experiencing this species in their natural social groups is simply delightful!


  • $5 per person